Day Two: A Refresher, really

Day two consisted of the section on Joining and Working in the Round. These are skills I already have. Refreshers never hurt, though, and I learned how to separate the stitches on DPN’s, and how to do a double-circular needle cast on. I’m using a 9″ needle for my project, so these won’t be things that I use this time around, but they may be useful for future projects. I think I’m working ahead of the tutorial, since I’ve already joined and started knitting the cuff, but that’s okay. 🙂


Day One – Sock Anatomy & Casting On

For some of my challenge, I will be doing a sock knitting video course by Lucy Neatby, offered through Craftsy. I have never knit socks before, and am hoping to surprise Grammy by learning how, practicing, and then making and gifting her a beautiful pair for Christmas.

For now, my first pair is for Brandon, since he’s a good sport and a great guinea pig when it comes to my projects. I will be using Herrschners Worsted Weight Yarn, a 100% acrylic yarn (he feels the need to wash AND dry everything – this is the safest yarn for him) in color 0049 Forest, a lovely green. According to the label, 18 sts=4″ on US size 7’s. I am knitting on my 9″ circular US size 6’s, and my gauge matches.

So, back to the learning. I started watching the first lesson today, in which Lucy covers sock anatomy and casting on. For my project, Brandon’s right ankle and distal foot measure 9.75 inches. Based on the gauge x ankle/foot circumference ratio, rounded to the nearest multiple of four. For this project, it is 4.5 sts x 9.75 in = 43.9. So, after rounding to the nearest multiple of four, I should cast on 44 stitches.

I have the cast-on done. It was ridiculously easy, likely because I already knew how to do a long-tail cast on. I did learn one new thing from that section though, aside from how to find the number of stitches to cast on. When doing a long-tail cast on, to make certain you don’t have too much or too little tail-yarn, you should have your tail measure approximately four times the length of the circumference.

A good start today. I can’t wait to join and start knitting the sock tomorrow!

Info Sources for Habitica Learning Challenge

For the Habitica challenge, which can be found here, we need to prepare a list of sources we plan to use. Along with submitting my list to the Google Doc for the challenge, I am placing it here for my own reference, and if others are interested in the sources, feel free to check them out.

  1. (Ravelry forum on knitting styles and techniques)
  2. Books -The Needleworker’s Constant Companion, Knitting From the Top, 750 Knitting Stitches-The Ultimate Knit Stitch Bible
  3. (online video courses, mini-courses, and classes about knitting styles, techniques, and history of knitting)

I will be setting up my curriculum here, and have a feeling that this will be a work-in progress, changing as the challenge goes on. My list of sources may also grow as I delve further into the information available in my current source list.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now.

A Challenge – A New Beginning

Ever heard of Habitica? I hadn’t, until February. It’s an app, a website, a productivity tool, a social platform, and best of all, a game! The community is fun and supportive, and well-moderated without being overbearing, unfair, or pushy.

Why am I telling you about this? Because among the different things to do with Habitica, you can join challenges. This is what brings me here today, to this new blog – to this specific post.I joined a challenge to expand my knowledge of a topic of my choosing, and the group that hosts the challenge will cheer me on in my growth, as I cheer them on in theirs, even if we aren’t particularly interested in each others’ subjects. It’s pretty cool.

So, joining a challenge like this, one has to have a topic in mind. While there are numerous things I could choose, I have been working harder and harder on my knitting, and want to improve my skills, and learn new techniques and styles. Along the way, I might get a few history lessons about knitting, too – which I won’t complain about! So there’s my topic for the challenge: knitting.

I plan to use this blog as a place to discuss and share the things I have learned. If you happen to stumble across my little corner of WordPress, thanks for coming! Feel free to say hello, add a comment, or ask a question – I don’t bite…often.