My Grammy taught me how to crochet chains and very basic items when I was little. In high school, I was “too busy” to enjoy it. Then came nursing school, and when you’re in nursing school, you really are too busy to enjoy anything! In the summer of 2007, I got my first nursing job. I didn’t have homework any more and had time to stitch, but had forgotten I could. I moved from Wisconsin to Minnesota. I became ADNS of the facility I worked at in less than 2 years, and despite my busy schedule, I found time and thought to try again. SUCCESS! Between internet tutorials, YouTube videos, and some phone calls to Grammy, I learned a few things. I made several hats and scarves for friends and family, and the list continued to grow.

After some time in Minnesota, I started missing Wisconsin, and my family, and in November 2011, Gramps started to get sick. I really felt a pull to move back to my home state, so that’s exactly what I did that December. Gramps committed suicide several months later. Our family was devastated. Grammy stopped enjoying some of her hobbies, including knitting and crocheting. I still bugged her to teach me things every time I would visit, and she half-heartedly would.

Fast-forward to December 2014. I’m on vacation visiting family for a week and a half, and finish all of the projects I brought with within a couple of days. I ask Grammy to go to the LYS with me, and she agrees stating, “I guess I could poke around.” While I’m checking out, she informs the owner of the shop that since I’ve gotten “pretty good” at crocheting (huge compliment, coming from somebody who has been doing this for almost 80 years!), I should learn how to knit. I turn and in a smartass tone say, “Oh yeah? And are you going to teach me?” To which she sassily responds, “Yes, I will teach you!” The next morning, we had breakfast and she helped me start a beautiful green alpaca wool hat. While patiently waiting between giving me directions, she decides to pick up a partially-completed project she has half-heartedly been working on over the past few months…and finishes it! Then she starts another one. Within the next few days, she starts and completes a handful of projects, knitting so quickly, she has changed colors before you even realize what has happened. The weekend following, she makes two small pairs of mittens during a football game, and informs the family that she intends to make at least a dozen pairs of mittens and a dozen hats to donate for needy children for Christmas 2015, and then tells everybody that she “must have the knitting bug again!”

She and I have both had that “knitting bug” since.