Day Five: I’ve Made it to the Instep!

I learned how to decrease stitches for the instep of my sock today! It actually takes two different types of decreases to get the sock to be even – a slip-slip-knit decrease on one side, and a knit-2-together decrease on the other. Using these decreases every other row, with the alternating rows being just straight knitting, allows for a longer instep with a bit more room.

I picked up my stitches and set up for the decrease section using all double-pointed needles (DPNs) because there were too many stitches for my cute little 9″ circular needle to handle initially. I’ve decreased to 56 stitches in the round at this point, and have already worked them back onto the circular, though. With all of the DPNs, I felt like I was knitting with a porcupine.

My sock is starting to look like a sock! WOOHOO!


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