Day Four: The Heel!

Sick day today. Finally broke my fever sometime between 3 and 4am. Spent my day napping, relaxing, and knitting. Knitted my heel while watching Howl’s Moving Castle. Pretty good!

Anyhow, today, I learned how to knit AND turn the heel. In the lesson, Lucy Neatby also shared tips on reinforcing the heel. This involves taking a second strand of yarn on the heel turn, and knitting every other stitch with it, alternating with the working yarn. I chose not to do this, because we were already a few rows into the turn when she covered this.

I finished setting up my curriculum for the month, and I will be learning about other, possibly better ways to reinforce heels at some point. For now, I will focus on finishing both socks, and reinforcing them when I get to that point in the curriculum. Knowing B, reinforced heels won’t hurt!


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