Info Sources for Habitica Learning Challenge

For the Habitica challenge, which can be found here, we need to prepare a list of sources we plan to use. Along with submitting my list to the Google Doc for the challenge, I am placing it here for my own reference, and if others are interested in the sources, feel free to check them out.

  1. (Ravelry forum on knitting styles and techniques)
  2. Books -The Needleworker’s Constant Companion, Knitting From the Top, 750 Knitting Stitches-The Ultimate Knit Stitch Bible
  3. (online video courses, mini-courses, and classes about knitting styles, techniques, and history of knitting)

I will be setting up my curriculum here, and have a feeling that this will be a work-in progress, changing as the challenge goes on. My list of sources may also grow as I delve further into the information available in my current source list.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now.


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