A Challenge – A New Beginning

Ever heard of Habitica? I hadn’t, until February. It’s an app, a website, a productivity tool, a social platform, and best of all, a game! The community is fun and supportive, and well-moderated without being overbearing, unfair, or pushy.

Why am I telling you about this? Because among the different things to do with Habitica, you can join challenges. This is what brings me here today, to this new blog – to this specific post.I joined a challenge to expand my knowledge of a topic of my choosing, and the group that hosts the challenge will cheer me on in my growth, as I cheer them on in theirs, even if we aren’t particularly interested in each others’ subjects. It’s pretty cool.

So, joining a challenge like this, one has to have a topic in mind. While there are numerous things I could choose, I have been working harder and harder on my knitting, and want to improve my skills, and learn new techniques and styles. Along the way, I might get a few history lessons about knitting, too – which I won’t complain about! So there’s my topic for the challenge: knitting.

I plan to use this blog as a place to discuss and share the things I have learned. If you happen to stumble across my little corner of WordPress, thanks for coming! Feel free to say hello, add a comment, or ask a question – I don’t bite…often.


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